Introducing The Hardworking Creative | an interview with Hailey Hudson

Today’s post is special for two reasons.

1). it’s Thursday (and you know I never post on Thursdays, lol)
2). I’m participating in a blog tour for Hailey Husdon’s new brand – The Hardworking Creative.

So. . . what exactly is THC?

The Hardworking Creative is dedicated to equipping creatives with the tools they need to be successful. A website for creative living, and working.

“. . . [it’s] a place where creatives are celebrated. Whether you’re a writer, painter, filmmaker, graphic designer, violinist, dancer, actor, you name it – if you pride yourself on both your creativity and your work ethic, then you are welcome here. If you’re looking for your people, you’ve found them. ”
|| THC, mission statement


I’m so excited to interview Hailey, and
celebrate with her the launch of THC!

Tell us a little about yourself. Your hobbies? Dreams? Goals? How long have you been an artist?

I’m a nineteen-year-old author, blogger, and freelance writer from the mountains of north Georgia. If I’m not writing, I’m working for a nonprofit that tutors kids or coaching 8U softball. My hobbies include reading, working out, and obsessing over Broadway; my dreams and goals include becoming a bestselling YA/MG author, expanding my freelance client base as much as possible, and having a positive impact on the lives of hopefully hundreds of younger girls. I’ve been an artist for well over ten years—ever since I started writing “stories,” dancing, and playing the piano when I was little.


How long have you been writing? Do you hope to turn your writing into a career?

I’ve been writing fiction since I was in elementary school, and my freelancing career began in late 2016. I’m so grateful that I’m slowly turning my freelance writing (primarily fitness writing) into a full-time career, and I’m working hard on doing the same with my fiction! It would be such a dream come true to support myself solely by getting up each day and writing stories.


What inspired the idea for THC? What do you hope will come of it?

This website came about because I wanted to find my people. I’m proud to consider myself a hardworking creative—but I didn’t think I had many friends who could be called the same. So I started looking. I discovered that I knew more hardworking creatives than I thought, and I decided that I wanted to create more opportunities for collaboration with them. I want THC to give young creatives the tools they need to make it. This means content talking about advertising, money, and branding—all of the things that I needed someone to tell me a couple of years ago, but no one did. An ebook is coming soon, and maybe some merchandise; and eventually I’d love to have a job board on THC to help young creatives find reputable online jobs in their field.

How/why did you choose the name “Hardworking Creative”?

I chose the name “Hardworking Creative” because so many people these days seem to focus on just the creative side of things—which is great. But you can have all the creative talent in the world and still go absolutely nowhere: if you want to accomplish something, you have to work for it. So I hope to inspire young creatives to put in the elbow grease that’s necessary to make their dreams become their reality.


Are you looking for more artists to become involved? If so, how can they?

Yes! If someone is interested in being interviewed as a hardworking creative, they can let me know via the contact form on the site—I won’t be able to fit everyone in since it’s only one interview a month, but I plan on creating other opportunities associated with THC that everyone can be involved with.


Where can people follow you?

Instagram: @haileyh412
Twitter: @haileyh412
Facebook: Hailey Hudson
Blog: Now All I Know is Grace


Where can people follow THC?

Instagram: @thehardworkingcreative
Twitter: @thc_creative
Facebook: The Hardworking Creative


Hailey Hudson is a young author, blogger, and freelance writer from the mountains of north Georgia. She loves coaching softball, obsessing over Broadway, and playing with Sophie–her beagle puppy. Find her at her personal blog or at The Hardworking Creative.


Be sure to head over to THC, and
wish Hailey a successful launch day!



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