Let’s just pretend that we can shake hands and smile at each other inspire of the fact that you’re staring at a computer screen right now, okay?

I’ll start:

hey you, I’m Keira and I’m nineteen years old.

I don’t  h a v e  blue eyes, and my hair is crazy straight. I judge books by their covers, and I often wish I had the courage to write my own. I’ve been called insightful, creative, and talented, mostly by those who don’t know any better – I’m the kind of person who shrugs off compliments I know I should take.

I can milk a goat.
I don’t like holidays.
I never learned how to whistle.

Soundtracks are my thing – I listen to them more than I listen to regular music. I make soup when it’s raining, and answer my siblings’s math questions. I can be the photographer, but not the model. Everyone tells me I don’t look like an adult, and then they ask me if I’m going to college.

I  b e l i e v e  that everyone has the capacity to be creative. That the world around us is breathless and incredible. That the moon is cool. That God is real. That soundtracks are creative fuel. That camaraderie is the greatest force. That evil exists. That everything is about perspective.

It’s nice to meet you.


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