Two Truths + A Lie | the answer reveal!

I felt like it would be too repetitive if I did another blog post about the tag. So….I made this separate page. (I’ll be linking it in the bottom of the original tag post, so future readers can find it there).

Here now, is the answer: The Lie is…


Mom piles us all in the car and we set off down the road. We take the same route – a couple of minor roads, the freeway, and then a long stretch of highway – that we do every time we pick up dad from the base. He has just gotten back from nine months over in the “hell hole” (that’s what he calls it when Little Sister isn’t around to hear). Mom always gives dad “the look” when he says it, but she knows that “hell hole” does a better job than “Afghanistan” does.

I always get this weird knot in my stomach every time we go to pick up dad. I wonder if I’ll see tears in his eyes when he tells me I look so grown up. I wonder about his eyes, period. You can tell all sorts of things about a person from their eyes. I wonder if his eyes will tell me that he lost a buddy, or that he saw a little girl die. I so badly don’t want his eyes to tell me that he’s tired and sick of everything.

When we walk into that room, I try not to think about the families that aren’t here because there is no one to be here for. It’s a little hard to see him in the mass of people and uniforms, but he finds us right away. He hugs and kisses mom, and swings up Little Sister in his arms. There are tears in his eyes, but I don’t dwell on what they mean. I hug him, and it’s quiet in our little bubble of homecoming.

Surprise, surprise.

You’d be shocked how long it took me to come up with “the lie”. Writing lies about yourself is harder than you think. So I puzzled over it for a couple of days before the thought came to me, why don’t I just write about something I wish I could experience? Something that has never happened to me, but I still wonder what it would be like?

I am forever interested in military life, so I decided to write that. To explore some of the ways a girl might process living apart from her father for months at a time. I told myself I’m going to write a book about it someday, but we’ll see…


A Note About #1

Some of you guessed #1 was the lie, and it made me laugh. I totally understand why because it is weird story, but sometimes weird stories are true. *shrugs*



So…where you surprised by the answer?
Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Two Truths + A Lie | the answer reveal!

  1. Wow! I agree it was very hard to write an actual lie, but I did the same thing with (trying) to make it something that I could experience. I really wasn’t sure about this though, your details were SO good!

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