Bright Eyes Project | Graphic Art

If you hang out with the same people on the internet that I do, the aforementioned title probably has you pretty excited. But if you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain:

The Bright Eyes Project is a narrative podcast (at least that’s what I’m going to call it) It’s a story, told by a single character – Trish Odessa, Captain of the Starship Ender. Actually, that’s not quite right.

Milo was supposed to be captain

but…no one knows where he is.

This is Trish’s taped diary, a log of her time in the Project. She has a ship to run and a crew to captain – a crew who doesn’t trust her because they wanted Milo – the real captain. She’s nearly too busy to ask the questions about Milo, and sometimes I think she’s afraid to. Afraid the Institute will make her disappear just like Milo.

We all know he asked too many questions.

Bright Eyes is created by – Amiee Meester, Cyrus Fontaine, and Sydney Fontaine. And it’s grown quite an audience since it launched this summer. Every other Monday, we gather around our laptops and open up our twitters to see if the question – #wheresmilo – has been answered.

The fact that it’s made by people in our circle of the internet is pretty awesome, I think.

But the idea to make any kind of “fan art” didn’t occur to me until after the 4th file launched. I thought to myself, “You know, we really need some killer graphics for everyone to pass around.”

This is my attempt to bring that thought into reality. I started making these a while ago, so I don’t have one for every file that’s come out already. I have quite a few from file 1, though (it’s unashamedly my favorite). Feel free to share these, make them your desktop backgrounds, whatever.

click on the photos to download – make sure you select “full size”

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Which Bright Eyes file is your favorite? • Have you made any fan art? (link it below, I want to see it)