#TheBetterHumanProject | your photos! + blog tag

Once upon a time (at the start of my January Series, actually), Abigail Lennah left me a comment with an idea – a really cool idea. So we sat together (virtually okay, because we live in two separate states) and planned out a way to let all of you into the idea. #TheBetterHumanProject is the result.

If you haven’t read about it – here’s my twitter thread from a couple weeks ago. And since I promised to feature your photos on my blog, that’s what today’s post is.


Keira | Resilience

Resilience isn’t something I’m good at. I stop when things get hard because I grew up in a culture where success and comfort are valued more than endurance.

I’m not talking about “you tripped on the soccer field” kind of resilience. Or the resilience it takes to get through math class. I’m talking about the kind of resilience where the only way out is through. The resilience it takes to survive a war, or being alone. That force inside you that says, I will not back down. I will not give up.

So. I want to get better at doing things I admire in others. To become the definition of resilience, “able to recoil of spring back into shape after bending, stretching or being compressed.”



Hanne | Aware

As part of #TheBetterHumanProject, I’m making my word AWARE. I want to be more aware of myself: to take care of myself when I need it, to understand my own needs when I need it, to see when I’ve crossed limits. I also want to be more aware of others: of their needs, of their feelings, of their time. Lastly, I want to be more aware of God. I want to see when He is moving, I want to see when He needs me to move, and I want to see when He wants me to wait.



Abigail | Perspective

Something I always strive to do and tell others is to gain perspectives— the ones in ourselves, our friends, or even those whose thoughts and opinions may highly differ from ours. Everyday, I constantly remind myself the situation is not black and white. Gray areas exist and are so much bigger than what we could comprehend.

Sometimes we look for things, too, and may not see what we may want to look for! But just hold on. Things look monochrome, but from this, we can perceive depth. We can perceive and gain understanding. We can perceive and hold out knowing one day, amidst all of the clash everything, there is more to life than meets the eye. So look around. Can you see it yet?



#The Better Human Project, blog tag
– our effort to see if anyone else wants to participate

At first, our idea was limited to social media, but we didn’t really get the response we’d hoped for. Then Abigail asked me if we wanted to branch out and make it a blog tag. She thought some of you might be more interested in a blog tag vs. a post on social media.

I said, let’s do it!

The idea is the same. You write a word/phrase on a piece of paper. Then you take a photo of that paper and then write a paragraph (or longer, if you wish) explaining what your word/phrase means to you and how it reminds you to be a better human.

For social media, you would hold the paper over your face and take a photo with it. But I thought we could branch out from that, and allow you guys to come up with your own creative ideas to display your photo. You could. . .pair it with your coffee, hold it over a creative background, tack it to your gallery wall, write it in your bullet journal – whatever you want.

here are the guidelines in a simple list:

1). write a word/phrase on a piece of paper
2). take a photo with that paper – as creatively as you wish
3). write in your blog post what your word/phrase means to you
+ how it reminds you to be a better human
4). add #TheBetterHumanProject somewhere in the title of your post
5). link back to this blog post, when you mention this tag

For social media, we wanted it to look cohesive, so we asked that you edit your photo b/w. But since this is a blog tag, feel free to edit your photos however it best fits your blogging style.

Please do let us know if you decide to do the tag! Abigail and I would love to read your thoughts and leave comments. I use twitter a lot, but instagram works too, if that’s better for you. Abigail can be reached on her blog, and her twitter.


One Last Thing…

You guys know how much I love aesthetics, right? So I put together a collection of ideas for how you could aesthetically display your piece of paper. Enjoy.


postscript #1 – all collage photos are via pinterest,
I do not own any of them.
postscript #2 – I am taking an internet + blogging
break for a while. I should be back the
middle of March (give
or take a few days)



10 thoughts on “#TheBetterHumanProject | your photos! + blog tag

  1. I’m so happy and honored to have done this collab with you, Keira! This has been one of my favorite collabs in all of my years of blogging– thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity to just go out and share aspirations for 2018. I’d love to collab with you again. ❤

    xoxo Abigail Lennah


    • Aw, that makes me SO happy to hear! This was the first collab I’d ever done, and I have you to thank for making it a stellar experience. Yes, yes let’s do it again sometime!



    • I feel you, absolutely. But just like we don’t always keep our New Year’s Resolutions, we still tend to make them anyway. The important thing is that you try. : )



  2. I LOVE this idea. I actually meant to take part in it via social media, but I never had the time to fully figure out details. This will definitely be popping up on my blog at some point. This idea is beautiful, Keira. ❤


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