My Day In 10 Pictures | a tag by Lydia

A long time ago, I added this tag to the list I keep titled something like, “post ideas I’d like to do. . .someday. . .maybe.” So last week when I opened up that list looking for ideas, I was surprised to find that I had been tagged over three months ago! I read about bloggers apologizing for being late at doing tags, and you know what? – now, I know what it’s like to be the late one. (so sorry Lydia).

Today is March 25th, but these photos weren’t taken today because getting photos off my camera is a long process that invokes Dropbox + hours of editing with a cup of coffee and music. But. . .they were all taken within a short time of each other and they’re all accurate reflections of my typical Sunday.


Sunday | 3.25.18


0600 / Mornings are my favorite time of day. I love the feeling of getting up before everyone else and sitting quiet with a cup of coffee until the sun rises.

0630 / Sunday is the day when I comment on all your blogs. I like setting aside one day of the week to “batch comment” because then I don’t have to worry about it throughout the week.

0655 / Time to feed the goats. sometimes I can hold them off until 0700, but it’s not happening today. They’re starting to wake the neighborhood. The day is warm, so I run barefoot to the shed and toss their hay over the fence. I catch the last of the sunrise before I go back inside.

0800 / turn off laptop. make bed. rinse out coffee cup. chores.

0845 / breakfast.



1200 / Lunch. Seriously, the best part of being an adult is cooking your own food.

1500 / Feed the goats again. Help Brothers with homework. Write my to-do list. Sit and study for a while because I have a pile of photography books to go through.

I’m currently reading:
– Digital Landscape Photography | Michael Frye
– Understanding RAW Photography | David Taylor
– The Blood Race | K.A. Emmons (I finished it already, but still. . .)


#shamelessplug –
Kate is a stellar person
and you really should read
her book bc it’s amazing.

1600 / Working out is not a habit I like making, but it’s a necessary one, so. . .
earbuds in.
running shoes off.
2 miles. stretch.
(POI has some high-intensity tracks for running, just FYI)



1740 / Almost time to start dinner, and like most days, I turn on music while I cook.
(I listen to a lot of soundtracks, guys, I’m sorry).

1830 / dinner + sunset. My house faces west, so the lighting while I get dinner on is amazing. And it’s been raining nearly ever day this week, so the clouds are rolling in and making beautiful shapes.

1855 / dinner. clean up. family devotions. shower.

2000 / (publish this blog post) work on a project in front of Netflix #notprocrastinatingjustmultitasking

2100 / lights out.


What I learned was: a). this harder than it looks. b). Taking photos (and only ten), and setting them within a theme (your day) – it’s the recipe for a great photography project. So I really, really appreciate the tag, Lydia, and I hope you liked it. 😉


hope your week
is lovely.
postscript #1 – all photos
(except the header)
are mine.


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What’s on your weekend routine? • Are you a morning person or a night person?

8 thoughts on “My Day In 10 Pictures | a tag by Lydia

    • Ahh, thanks so much Hannah! I didn’t tag anyone but I’m sure no one would mind if you did it too (if you want, anyway).

      your comments always make me smile.


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