How to Make Your Internet Hiatus More Effective

There has been a lot of talk on the blogsphere lately (at least in my circle) about internet breaks and hiatuses. The balance between real life and online life is something I’m crazy passionate about, so I thought I’d write something for those of you who’ve decided to go on breaks (or. . .if you’re thinking about it for the future).

1. turn off Wi-fi

Wi-Fi make the internet hard to escape because it’s always there, waiting for you to use it. Turning it off removes that urge to check Pinterest with every spare minute you have. You can take your laptop into another room, and work on whatever you need to do without having connection at your fingertips. It’ll make your internet break 100x easier, I promise.

if you’ve never turned off
your Wi-Fi before, here’s
an article that
explains it for you


2. delete social media apps off your phone

Unless you have rock-solid self-control, or are one of those people who can mentally decide something and 100% follow through with it, you shouldn’t kid yourself about cheating on your hiatus. My mom has this phrase she likes to quote all the time: “out of sight, out of mind.” < < < it’s good advice.

3. have a sibling or a friend change your passwords

Does anyone else have this problem? You decide to take a social media break, you stick it out for a day or so, and then you fall right back into your old habits. You want to kick yourself because you feel like a lazy human with zero self-control.

Me too.

Changing your passwords removes that temptation. You can’t cheat even if you want to. So ask your brothers (or better yet, your mom because she’d probably be 110% okay with locking you out of your social media. lol) to change your passwords to something they’d only know, and tell them they have to keep it a secret from you. #everyonewins

4. make a list of things you’re going to do instead of social media

Often we don’t realize how much time social media sucks out of our day, so cutting it out completely creates a void that feels like “free time.” That’s why it’s helpful to make a list of things you’re going to do when you feel like turning on your computer. Make a long list, so you have plenty of things to choose from. And don’t forget to add those necessary, boring tasks that need to get done too.

Things like:
– working out
– drinking water
– going for walks
– cleaning your house
– catching up on neglected mail


5. pick something to study

Depending on the purpose of your hiatus, this may or may not apply. If your purpose is to rest and refocus because you feel overwhelmed, you might want to make yourself tea and read a book. But if you’ve fallen behind on real life + creative work because social media is taking up all your time, then your focus will be productivity instead.

Last time I took an internet hiatus, I did so because I felt my photography wasn’t where it should be, and it had been a while since I did any serious study in that field. I gave myself an entire week to read photography books, and it helped so much! I learned a lot of new things (some of them will be coming to the blog soon), and I know I’ll continue to do these kind of focussed-study-breaks in the future.

. . . .

I know one thing: work is easier without distractions. This applies to education, creative work, and everyday tasks. Social media + the internet can be just another cheap + filler thing that sucks away time better spent elsewhere.

I love being a creative person and I love my work. But sometimes I don’t really want to put in the effort it takes to grow and learn new things. I’d rather be productively avoiding work, then actually be doing work. < < < < that’s when I know I need a hiatus.

I hope this
is helpful to you.

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Have you ever taken an internet hiatus? • What was the experience like?Can you think of anything else else to add to this list?

10 thoughts on “How to Make Your Internet Hiatus More Effective

  1. I needed this! I decided to take a little hiatus myself for finishing up the school semester and to recharge and focus on my blogging goals. This post was super helpful. While I probably can’t completely shun the internet, since I need it for school and research, I definitely need a step back to refresh. I really feel like April is the best time to take a hiatus. With spring restlessness, we need the time to get outside and breathe and rejuvenate ourselves.
    Wonderful post as always!


    • So glad it was helpful to you, Hannah! YEAH. I noticed your hiatus post – good for you, girl!! I hope it is refreshing to ya. And I agree – spring is great to set aside time to recharge and refocus. *nods*

      hope your day is lovely.


  2. YES YES YES YES YESSSSS. I could not agree more with what you said AND ALL OF IT IS SO TRUE. Ugh, all of these are so great. I am definitely using these tips when I take my social media hiatus. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I just have to figure out *when*. You know? And I agree, sometimes social media just adds to my overwhelming feeling and when I’m away from it for a bit, it makes everything a little lighter.

    The thing is, I need social media a lot for my creative needs. Pinterest is where I gain most of my creativity. Most of the time that is a good thing for me but I know that isn’t 100% true.

    Good thinking on the password change. I think I’ll be fine if I delete the apps because usually, that is my biggest flaw. My fingers know exactly where I want to go without me even thinking of it. o.O Also; it never really occurred to me how much time social media takes up until recently. I try to stay off my phone most of the day so when I get on it, I’m on it for a good half hour straight just trying to get caught up on what I missed during those hours away from it. Imagine all the time that is spent on it throughout the day. If staying away from social media for a good 8 hours means having to go on it for an hour straight, imagine all the time that is spent on it if you didn’t leave it for those long hours.

    Now I’m not making sense. BUT THIS POST WAS SO HELPFUL AND IT HAS ALREADY MADE ME FEEL LIGHTER. Thank you for that. ❤

    xx Kenzie |


      I know, right?!? Figuring out “when” a hiatus should be is hard.

      Same girl. Sometimes I’ll only take time of one or two of my social medias. I almost always keep Pinterest in my back pocket bc like you said: Pinterest is great for inspiration. While it’s certainly addictive, it’s not as destructive, I think.

      Password changing is what helps me the most. But it’s not for everyone, and honestly, I think it’s best to experiment and pick what works best for you bc YOU’RE the one doing the hiatus.

      Ugh, yes. It’s hard not to feel like you HAVE to catch up on everything you’ve missed. I think it gets easier the longer you stay away from it. I’ve found that the longer I push off checking social media, the easier it is to not spend hours and hours on it. Like if I put it off until after lunch or after I’ve done a lot of “real life stuff”, then I’m not as caught up in it bc I’ve actually “done something else” with my time + I feel more accomplished in general.

      SO glad you enjoyed the post, girl. I wish you the best on your upcoming hiatus!


  3. OH YES. Thanks for this post! I am currently on hiatus, and I have my phone powered off for most of the time (except when I really, really need to check something out) but I do still have internet connection so …. yeah … which is why I’m commenting here now XD

    Btw HELLO. I’M LISA. And … I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH. It’s aesthetic and pretty and such good posts and photos and all around #goals. :DD I’m definitely sticking around!


    • I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Lisa! Hope you enjoy your hiatus too. : )

      HELLO. It’s good to meet you. *waves* Aw, thanks so much. I try really hard to make everything aesthetic, ha.



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