Free Soundtrack Suggestions | no. 2

Hey guys,
It’s me
: back with another list of soundtracks-you-should-listen-to.

I hope you all aren’t too disappointed that I haven’t actually been “writing” on here lately. I really wish I had a “deeper” post to share with you all. Something that I’ve been thinking about, or some insight, whatever. Truth is, I have been thinking about a lot of things, but I just can’t get the writing to say what I want it to say. It keeps getting tangled up, like when you don’t wash your shoelaces by themselves and they get all wrapped and knotted around your shirts.

Let’s get into soundtracks now.


And Then There Were None

I found this one while browsing Spotify for the Poldark soundtrack and idk Spotify decided that I might like other soundtracks that star Aiden Turner. Turns out, I did. ATTWN is this mixture of intense creepiness and horror – but it’s awesome and I love it. I think we can expect great things from Stewart Earl in the future.

to start, listen to: the entire thing


Into the West

I love this one for it’s Western/Folk/Native sound. The flutes and drums and guitar – well, they’re just gorgeous together. Give a listen, and maybe then, go watch the miniseries (I know I want to).

to start, listen to: Buffalo Run, Gathering of Nations, Hunting the Buffalo, Into the West, Much to Learn from Each Other, Photography, Rations, The Mother Lode, The Sand Creek Massacre, Wheeler Reunion 1890


The Interpreter*

Honestly, guys. this soundtrack. I’m so obsessed with it. I saw the movie earlier this year, and wow okay, it’s really good.

to start, listen to: Tobin Comes Home, Guy Left His Lunch, Matobo, Zuwanie Arrives at the UN, Silvia Showers, Drowning Man, End Credits – if you want all the best tracks, otherwise listen to the entire thing without stopping.


*shhh, I’m actually listening
to it while I write this post



Red Sparrow

I didn’t think I’d like this one much, and it’s not my favorite Newton Howard score, but it’s still pretty awesome.

to start, listen to: Overture, Anya, Come Here, There’s a Car Waiting to Take you to Moscow, Searching Marta’s Room, Didn’t I Do Well? (my favorite track of the entire thing), End Titles


The Postman

Little Brother and I fell for this one after listening to the Main Titles. It’s just epic, classic James Newton Howard style – what else matters, right?

to start, listen to: Main Titles, Shelter in the Storm, The Restored United States





|| Let’s Have a Conversation

Pick a track off this list and listen to it. Then comment below and tell me what you thought.Also, tell me what soundtrack/song you’re currently obsessed with and we’ll make this a music swap, k?

10 thoughts on “Free Soundtrack Suggestions | no. 2

  1. I am SO EXCITED TO LISTEN TO THESE!! Lately, I’ve been listening to a ton of Sleeping at Last and Twenty-One Pilots, along with soundtracks- namely the scores to You’ve Got Mail and The Princess Diaries. 🙂


  2. AND THEN THERE WERE NONE!!! That is such an amazing soundtrack to listen to, YASS… I really want to read the book, not sure if I want to see the BBC series.

    (whoops, accidentally began this comment the same as Lisa, but oh well…)


    • YASSS the film looks so good, and I really want to see it (I have the book on my list too : )

      Nah, you’re fine. I think it’s awesome that I’m not the only one obsessed with ATTWN. : )


      Liked by 1 person

  3. *SCREAMS EXCITEDLY FOR 12 HOURS* GIRL I NEEDED ANOTHER ONE OF THESE POSTS THANK YOU!!!! ❤ I'm so excited to listen to Into The West because shhh I'm outlining a western and I need music just like this. 😍😍😍 THANK YOU!! *dashes off to queue up all these albums*

    rock on,


  4. AND THEN THERE WERE NONE! Yes that soundtrack is so good. I saw the whole movie too and it is very creepy and everyone dies -_- thanks for all of this, k!

    xx lisa


    • Aahhh!!! I have been wanting to see the movie ever since I listened to the score. And you’re welcome!! I really enjoy throwing out soundtrack suggestions. : )



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