11 (Highly) Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Me (The Sunshine Blogger’s Award) | thanks, Abbie!

You might recognize the title of this post from a similar one Abbie wrote on her blog two weeks ago. You might have even seen that she tagged me (*sends hugs across the US*). If not, just know that this is what today’s post is dedicated to: answering all her questions. Here now, is: 11 Highly Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Me (a.k.a Keira answering Abbie’s probing questions about my life).


be sure to check out
Abbie’s post too – it’s
super amazing bc she is. : )


What would your dream career be?

I would be a music photographer. I would travel around, documenting concerts, music fests, indie studio recording sessions, etc. . .I’d combine my extreme love for music, with my love for photography (something I actually know how to do). Maybe I’d even get invited to Abby Road Studios in London to photograph a soundtrack recording.

That would be amazing.


What fictional character do you relate to the most?

Really, Abbie?!? How do you expect me to relate to one character above all others? I love so many fictional characters for different reasons! But I’ll try.

Um. . .okay: Judas Iscariot.

Okay, so. Tosca Lee wrote this amazing book about him, and although it doesn’t pretend to be historically accurate (because let’s face it: what we know of Judas is mostly speculation anyway), I love it so much. I related to his struggles, and his doubts, and yeah. . .reading it almost brought me to tears.


Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

I can’t say I’ve found ONE SINGLE PERSON that is my “biggest” anything. It’s hard to rate one above the other because each of them offers different inspiration in different ways + I gather inspiration from SO many different places/people.

But. If I had to make a list. . .

Deborah Lipstat | Kate Emmons | M. Night Shyamalan | Kinsey Mhire – her photography is swoon-worthy | Hannah Bretcher | Brene Brown | Rob Bell | Amanda Cook | Misty Edwards | Eric Ludy | Andy Crouch – he wrote Culture Making | Eric Metaxes | my dad | Freya Dowson – she does amazing humanitarian photography, you have to go check it out |


What goals are you working on right now?

Right now, I am trying to learn everything I can about how to be an adult in the real world. I am working almost full-time, so learning how to balance everything (blogging + creativity + life + rest + friends + photography) in sync with that is a BIG time goal. I’m also saving for a car and experimenting with this new, scary thing called a “budget”.

Send help.

#justkidding, I love


If you could magically receive one quality, what would it be?


There have been so many times when I wished I had just stood up and said “No,” even though it would have felt beyond uncomfortable.


What skills do you wish you had?

A photographic memory. Flying. Invisibility. Determination to stick with creative projects even though I don’t feel like it.

What’s your favorite way to practice self-care?

Oh my goodness, I love this question! I know that self-care is a “trending topic” these days, but honestly, I think people have always known its importance. It just makes sense – take care of you, and you will take care of others. That said, my favorite, favorite way to practice this actually comes in two parts.

1. I take a Rest Day (also called Shabbat, or just Rest Day if you want to be nonreligious about it)
2. I turn off my phone + the internet (done on most Shabbats, but it can be done anytime, really)

Seriously, Shabbat is the best thing I’ve ever done to stay sane in this crazy world. I know, I know, some people will say, “ugh, you’re following the Law and well. . .Sabbath isn’t commanded for NT believers and…aren’t you being legalistic and all that???

No, guys. It’s freeing.

I won’t bog you down by explaining it all here (it would take waayyyy too long anyway). But. If you’re curious: I once wrote a blog post about Rest. And. . .Rob Bell has a dozen excellent podcast episodes on Rest and Menuha! and Rythmn.

He says, “If you really want to be productive, set it down and walk away.”


What is your favorite quote and why?

If the engine isn’t joy, you can’t go the distance.” || Rob Bell

This one means a lot to me because it says that the basic fuel of the universe is joy. Not productivity. Not talent. Not knowledge or strength. Not any of the things we think will grant us success. No. It’s joy. Just joy.

and let’s just face it:


What is the biggest life lesson you have learned so far?

You are never stagnant. You are either running towards something, or you are running away from something else.


I wrote a blog post
about this too.


What are you most looking forward to this year?

My one-year blog anniversary! I’m kind of excited to hit this milestone, since blogging has become one of my favorite things.

Also, I am going to be living in a place where it snows, so I’m excited to take photos in it and drive in it, and act like a total #northernnewbe who has never lived in snow before.


yes, I know Northerners will lecture me
about how much snow sucks, but let
me have fun first, okay?


How do you want to impact the world?

I want to speak and make people say “Wow.I want to matter to the people closest to me. I want to leave a treasure trove of wonderful things behind (manuscripts never published, letters, photographs printed on real paper). And maybe…someday they’ll tell stories about me. Someday. . .when I’m gone or too old to care, they’ll talk about me in ways that won’t make me sound like a person trying to change the world. They’ll talk about me like I’m nothing special – just a person trying to do good work in the world, exactly who I’d like to be.



Now it’s YOUR turn!

I nominate:

Abigail, Story Eyed || Hannah, Letters to Myself || Erin, Acoustic Erin
Grace Ann, Totally Graced* || Kenzie, Paper Pizza

*I know you were already tagged.
Hope you’re okay with that. : )

Here are the questions:
1. what is your favorite genre to read?
2. if you could choose a different name for yourself, what would it be and why?
3. what is your favorite thing about being an artist/creative?
4. favorite song/soundtrack to jam out to?
5. how has the internet made your life better + how has it made your life worse? what do you do when you feel overwhelmed by it? (I know that’s three questions #sorrynotsorry)
6. link to something that has inspired you this month (it can be anything: blog post, video, book, song, podcast)
7. do you listen to podcasts? if so, what is your favorite?
8. what is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
9. what goals are you working on right now? (I stole this one from Abbie, bc yes, I love the question)
10. tell me how much you love snail mail (I know you do, right?)
11. what’s one piece of art/project/thing you’ve done that you’re really proud of?


14 thoughts on “11 (Highly) Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Me (The Sunshine Blogger’s Award) | thanks, Abbie!

  1. ok HOW HAVE I NOT FOUND YOUR BLOG BEFORE!! or maybe I have, but I def haven’t read it for a while and I’m not sure why! your writing style and personality is so chill, I’ll definitely be adding you to a list of bloggers I have<3 Being a music photographer sounds amazing, I hope you get to do that one day!

    Lexie x


    • Aw, Lexie. Good to meet you!! I’m so happy you enjoy reading my blog (I certainly enjoy writing it!) Thank you so much for the kind words, girl.

      best wishes,


  2. Thank you SO much for tagging me! These are the loveliest questions, and I absolutely cannot wait to answer them. I most definitely don’t mind being tagged twice. 🙂

    You have the most beautiful soul, Keira. I just loved reading your answers. You’ll make the most wonderful music photographer. And I so appreciate what you said about how we’re always chasing something or running from something. There’s so much truth to that statement.

    I love that you take Shabbat. I’d love to ease into doing that, even if I don’t take a full day of it. I so struggle with resting, but it seems like every time that I get really bad about it, the Lord kind of forces me to, through various circumstances or sickness, so it’s really better to just do it as I should. xD

    And I think that you will impact the world exactly as you hope to. ❤


    • I love your comments, Grace Ann. 💚 They make me smile so wide. : )

      Girl. Shabbat is so amazing, I can’t say it enough. It’s interesting that you say that the Lord kinda “forces” you to rest – He loves ya a lot, ya know? It can be hard, at first, to let go of the notion that “the work isn’t done so I can’t rest”, but really: work is never done and Shabbat isn’t about that anyway. It’s the opposite, act like the work is done, even if it isn’t.

      You got this.


  3. AHH KEIRA I LOVED READING THIS. ❤️ I was so curious to read your answers and thoughts when I tagged you and this post did not disappoint!! 😊 I LOVE YOUR ANSWER FOR THE SELF CARE QUESTION because dude I do the same thing. And it’s soooo restorative. And it makes sense that something so mindful and good would be woven into the scriptures — God wants us to remember that we’re human beings, not human doings. I don’t turn off my wifi on my rest day though and I REALLY WANT TO START DOING THAT.

    Also I think your dream job is SO COOL. When you’re up and running PLEASE COME PHOTOGRAPH ME IN MY STUDIO HAHA ❤ that would be a dream come true :') adulting is hard but bro you're more of an adult than most adults I know so I'D SAY YOU'RE DOING REALLY WELL. *high fives*

    this is so good!! thanks for doing this tag!! 💛✨

    rock on,

    p.s. that quote about joy. wow. I have chills. thank you.


    • DUDE. I had this feeling you did Shabbat. This makes me SO HAPPY WOW. : ) you should! Turning off wifi is so freeing to the mind.

      YES GIRL YES. I will fly and photograph you in your studio *nods vigorously*(some conditions apply: like…I have to make some money and actually get good, lol)

      Thanks again for tagging me, Abbie!! You’re da best.

      p.s. I know right? I need to write that one on my mirror.


  4. KEIRA!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME. WOW, WHAT AN HONOR THIS IS. <333 It's probably going to take me 10,000 years to answer your awesome questions becAUSE I NEED TIME TO THINK SO THAT MY ANSWERS ARE EQUALLY AWESOME.

    I loved reading your answers to Abbie's questions. I loved being able to get to know you more. ❤ I THINK YOUR DREAM CAREER IS BOMB SO CAN I PLEASE TAG ALONG???

    I hope you are having a lovely day, you amazing human. ❤

    xx Kenzie | http://www.paperpizzablog.com


    • I am SO HAPPY you’re gonna do the tag. It’ll be great and your answers will be amazing!! *fistbump*

      Oh my goodness yes!! You are welcome to be my concert-buddy/second shooter. That would be so awesome, Kenzie.

      hope your days is lovely. ❤️


  5. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE ALL YOUR ANSWERS TO THIS TAG. Your dream career sounds such fun. Isn’t it great when it can be a mash up of all your passions??

    Now I’m inspired to go do this tag too. YAY!!

    btw could I have a link to your Spotify account? I feel I could find lots of good music there 😊

    xx lisa


    • It’s the BEST!! Often I stress about if/when I’ll have enough time to get to do ALL the things I’m passionate about, so combining them is key.

      Yay! Let me know when you do it cause I’d love to read your answers.

      Sure! You can just search @thiskeira on Spotify and I should show up. : )

      best to ya.


  6. Your dream career sounds amazing! I’ve never heard of music photographer before. And adulting is hard. I need help here too on how to balance social life, working and blogging.

    And congrats for almost reaching one year in blogging!


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