Thankfulness Thursday no. 3 | the point of it all

I think a lot about the point of things. Searching, asking for the bottom line. I guess it’s because in world that wants to pile stuff, I want to tear it all away and look at the stuff underneath.

Of course, since it’s Thankfulness Thursday time, it’s time to think about the point of gratitude.

Why are we thankful? What is the underlining feeling behind gratitude?
What are we really saying when we’re grateful?

Here’s what I think:

. . .

I think all the lists we make of the things we’re grateful for are different ways of expressing: we are just grateful to be here. All the wonderful things about life, don’t take away from life itself – they just accompany life in a way that makes it sweeter. And that’s maybe why we’re commanded to rejoice always, again I say, rejoice. We’re supposed to be thankful for being here. For life. For breathing. Life. That’s the cake. The rest – light and friends and sunrises – is frosting.

Every time we’re grateful we’re saying that the experience of life is what is incredible.

. . .

This came to me, little epiphany one night in the car. I had been thinking about what to write about each Thankfulness Thursday coming up, and it occurred to me that maybe the point of gratitude could be simplified. Reduced, even, to something beyond the lists we make. I don’t know if it can be proven, or if there even is a thing-behind-the-thing, when we talk about gratitude. But I do know if someone kept asking my why after I said the thing I was grateful for, eventually, I’d confess: “I’m grateful for life, and that’s the end.

hope your week
is lovely.


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2 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursday no. 3 | the point of it all

  1. This is lovely! I love the cake and frosting analogy. Sometimes I feel a huge surge of gratefulness well up in me, not for any one specific thing, that you just put words to: I am grateful for life itself. And all the little things that make it up don’t hurt either! Great post. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend! 🙂


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