Thankfulness Thursday no. 2 | adulthood

Guys, how has your week been?
I hope you’ll me write in the comments and tell me how your Thanksgiving went. : )

This week, I want to share one, monumental, important part of my life that I’m grateful for. That is. . . Adulthood.

Go ahead and shoot darts because I know twenty year olds aren’t supposed to say they enjoy growing up. Isn’t that what the phrase – adulting – is supposed to convey? Collective distaste for taking charge of our own lives?

I know it sounds crazy to say I love adulthood, but I really do. Yes, it’s is hard and messy and complicated. But it’s rewarding, oh so rewarding.

. . .

// Driving yourself places. . .there’s nothing like it. Everything is quiet if you want it to be quiet. Or loud music if you want loud music. There’s time for praying or singing or thinking.

// Coffee dates are magical. I had my first one, just recently. My friend bought us coffee and I bought us ice cream. We talked about the bookstores we want to visit, if we ever do. We froze walking but it was fine. I drove myself home after, feeling so. . .grateful that I get to do this thing, even.

// Independence, people. I’m not talking about macho I-don’t-need-anybody-ever independence. I’m talking about quiet independence – the kind that comes with choosing things that matter to you. I like this color. These are my favorite movies. I want to keep all my miss-matched socks because nobody cares what color my socks are anyway.

// Making decisions that are all your own < < < it’s a really good (and scary) feeling.

// Working. It’s best if you have a job you love (I’m lucky to have one), but working period is a great feeling. You’re doing something with your time. You have spending money – imagine that! Or if nothing else, work makes rest all the more special.

. . .

I’m thankful that adulthood presents opportunities to learn new things about the world. When I was a child, I didn’t care much for the outside world because I figured it was my parents’ job to figure out. They paid bills, I didn’t. Simple. My world was smaller and in a way, easier. But I wouldn’t trade easy for what I have now – membership in a bigger world. I still have a lot to learn (as Twitter is more than happy to point out). I have a lot to learn about public spaces and making decisions without second-guessing myself.

Adulthood has forced me out of my shell. I’ve had to call in my own doctor’s appointments and talk to insurance people. I can’t stuff money away like I used to. Time management – now, that’s a real struggle.

But you know what? It’s worth it. Totally, 100% worth it.

Maybe my lens is a little foggy. Maybe I’m romanticizing it. Maybe I won’t feel this way when I’m older and experienced. But right now, I am



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6 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursday no. 2 | adulthood

  1. No, I get this! I have actually been feeling this way a little bit lately: Excited for what the future holds with adulthood and looking forward to making my own home and just enjoying those little bits of daily independence such as coffee dates. It’s an interesting time of life! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had a lot of pie and some lovely turkey and casserole. 🙂


    • Adulthood IS interesting. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who finds adulthood exciting. (I mean, sometimes it’s a chore, but everything has a downside, right?)

      My Thanksgiving was lovely, thanks for mentioning #yayforpieandturkey

      Aways good to hear from you, Erin. Wishing you the best on your adult journey. You got this. 👊🏻



  2. I adore what you have to say about independence. I didn’t think of it that way when I read it but I loved the way you describe it. Coffee dates are some of the best things ❤ I agree.


    • Oohhh, yay I’m glad it resonates with you. I think independence gets a lot of hate from people who just don’t understand it, so I tried to make it a little bit simpler.

      Oh yes, I’m addicted to coffee dates now, I think. 😉

      hope your week is lovely.


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