Thankfulness Thursday no. 1 | debut edition : )

Good morning, it’s November.
*writes something mildly cliché about how fast time flies*

So. Grace Ann does a blog series every year called Thankfulness Thursday – in which, participants share, on Thursdays, what they’re thankful for in preparation for Thanksgiving. If you like, you can read all about it on her blog*.

which you should also
follow immediately bc
she’s incredible.

Two weeks ago, when she wrote her first post for the series, I knew I had to do it. Reason being, I have been thinking about gratitude a lot. More than ever. Everything that’s happened in my life this year really has me thinking that I really have no idea how much gratitude matters. No. Idea.

If you’d asked me a year ago, I would have said: “Sure yeah. I struggle with gratitude. Doesn’t everybody?” I would have brushed it off as a “Seriously, you’d ask me that? Duh.” question. I know you understand this. None of you are thinking right now: “Gosh, I didn’t think anyone had issues with gratefulness!! It’s so easy.”


Last week, I was chatting with a friend on the phone and telling her how, this year, with all its ups and downs, I wasn’t sure I’d have strength to look back and say, “I’m grateful for these trials. I count it as joy.” It was a scary thing to admit to her, because in spite of everything I still know certain things are true. It’s that feeling between my heart and my head that messes me up. I know, intellectually, that everything works for good, that trials will grow me, that in the end everything matters to the person I am becoming, but still. . .in my heart, I can’t see how any of it matters at all. I just want it to stop because it hurts. Pain blinds me to the bigger picture (the one I know He sees).

In short, that is why I need to do this. To have a written reminder that there’s a bit of light everywhere I look, and God has created a stunning planet. I am not living under a bus. I have a camera for goodness sake! I do have enough. . .enough. . .enough.

. . .

Today I’m grateful for the sound of Canadian geese. I see their v-shaped formations almost every day, as their cries celebrate winter (which is creeping up on us. . .hello November). And while I’m on the subject, I’m grateful for winter too. I’ve never experienced “winter” like I’m going to this year, and that makes me excited (a.k.a “southern ignorance” LOL)

I am SO GRATEFUL for friends, and conversations and forever in awe of the simplicity of: “Hey it’s been a while. How’s life?” I’m thankful that these seven words carry power to make people feel less alone.

I’m grateful for talented storytellers and films (which I watch alone, in bed, after my family goes to sleep). I’m thankful that James Horner composed such stunning music, I’m still listening to it long after he’s gone.

I’m thankful for this refrain.

Your Love has called my name
What do I have to fear?
What do I have to fear?


I’m grateful that THE NORTH IS GORGEOUS. My mom likes to say that most people only see this kind of beauty on calendars or desktop wallpapers. But I can touch it. I live in it, and that amazes me.

I am grateful for my hands. They’re expressions of creativity. Whether it’s through piano, or writing, or photography, or knitting – they’re one of the most fascinating parts of me.

I’m thankful for pens + paper, journaling, and film photos. I’m grateful that I was taught to read because I don’t know what life would be without books. I’m thankful that God is endlessly patient with me, this messed up and stubborn human. I am forever grateful for sunrises/sunsets (and please don’t ask me to decide between them).

. . .


I hope your week
is especially lovely.
postscript #1 – all photos
(except the header)
are mine


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6 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursday no. 1 | debut edition : )

  1. Loved this! I agree gratitude is hard sometimes but we can always work on it and get better at it! The geese! I love that, it’s such a little beautiful thing to see that is often not thought about. I am grateful to have read this post.
    Simply Me


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