It’s Q+A time!

Hey guys,
Today I’m following up on the survey I put out on my blogiversary, and answering the questions you asked. But before I do that, I want say: thank you each and every one who took time to respond and offer your critique. The responses were SO helpful to me. : ) Now, without further delay: here are the answers to your questions.


Favorite color?

I wouldn’t say I have a “favorite color” anymore. I used to, when I was younger, tell people “forest green” or “navy” or “black”, even. But now, I say I have a favorite “color palette.” Those would include woodsy colors, flannels and light, earth tones. Think: all colors associated with fall and early summer – those are my favorite.

p.s. I also have a personal Pinterest board,
if you want to see my aesthetic/color preferences.


Story world you’d like to visit?

This is a hard one. Many of my favorite stories have worlds I necessarily wouldn’t want to visit. Also. I’m always relating stories – to the real world instead of imagining myself in them.

“Okay Keira,” you’re thinking, “answer the question already.”

Truth is: I can’t. Younger Me would have said, “Narnia” without hesitation, or maybe “Ranger’s Apprentice,” but Adult Me doesn’t carry the same imagination skills anymore. LOL.


Non-fiction book you’d recommend everyone to read?

This question made me laugh. I don’t have just one recommendation, I have five! I actually plan to do a blog-post on this at some point, so I will save those titles and give you just one.

Everybody, Always / Bob Geoff

Look, I know it’s a popular choice – brand-new as it is – but let me tell you this book is worth every good review and every reader’s time. It’s an easy one to start, if you’re new to non-fiction, and it’s full of insights that will blow your mind. I read it a few weekends ago, and it blessed me beyond words.


Favorite school subject (when you were in school)?

I went through at least 3 favorite subjects in school. At first it was English, then history (especially if I was reading biographies or watching films), but I also enjoyed parts of Algebra in high school. Oh, and Music too.

All those, yep.


Favorite food?

I really depends on the day/season. Like. . .this week I tried vegan egg-nog and it was SO good I think I’m never going back to regular egg-nog.


Most beautiful place you’ve traveled to so far?

The Blue Mountains in Oregon. I didn’t actually travel to them, I drove by them, but what I saw through the window was stunning enough to make the list. Also, I think Utah a beautiful place, and I’d love to spend more time there than I did.


If you could be any animal what would you be?

A panther. Because I’d be able to effortlessly climb trees and mountains, and live in the forest, and make my home in a cave by a river.


What is your greatest dream?

Goodness I don’t know. That’s a massive question. I have at least five different “life sized” dreams, but will I do any of them? Who knows? I have so much time; I don’t have enough time.

I guess I want to live with the knowledge and the peace that whatever happens it won’t be all for nothing, that it’ll all add up to the person I become, and none of it will be empty. I want to have loads of fun, and be serious too. I want to create something (don’t know what it’ll be yet) that lives beyond methe person. Kind of like people are still listening to James Horner’s music, even though he’s not here to create more of it. I dream that whatever comes I’ll have the courage for it, and that I’ll live up to challenges instead of folding under them.

Yes. That is all.


What is your favorite photograph you’ve ever taken?

This is also hard. And it changes. Every time I take more photos, the ones I used to think where good, suddenly aren’t. . .anymore. That’s just growth, I guess. For instance: I feel something special about the “stunning sky alert” series I’ve been doing on Instagram. I just love skies and sunrises/sunsets so much.

Many photographs I’ve taken this year are turning out to be my favorites. For instance, I really love how this one turned out.

Also, this one.

I think, for me, the most special photographs are the ones in which I fall in love with the lighting. When the lighting turns out, it means I’ve done it. : )


How are you so darn lovely?

*coughs nervously and blushesAHEM. . .no. That’s you Grace Ann. It’s all you.

. . .


Hope you all enjoyed this, and thanks again to everyone who asked a question.


see ya soon.
postscript #1 – all photos, except
the cover, are mine



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What is YOUR greatest dream? (No worries if you can’t answer the question. It’s massive, I know)Feel free to take any of these questions and give me YOUR answer. I’d love to chat in the comments!

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