1 Year Blog Anniversary + Survey

*this post was supposed to come out a week ago
(a.k.a Oct. 16th – my actual blog anniversary. . .but
life is really crazy rn and I just can’t
find time to do everything. you feel me??

Wow guys.

Can you believe it? I have been pouring out my brain on the internet for 12 freaking months. People are reading my brain. It’s crazy.

On October 16th, 2017 I smashed that “publish” button, and launched Close to Nothing. The idea had existed in my head long before, but Oct. 16 marked the start of when I wouldn’t be writing just for myself anymore, but for others. You. And since then, I’ve loved the process. Writing, for me, fuels conversation. I love conversation.

It shouldn’t be a wonder to me that people enjoy absorbing what other people create. That’s how we’re wired, anyway – for connection and meaning through art. But sometimes it still takes me back: I participate in this. I get to write stuff that people appreciate. Wow.

I feel so honored I get to write stuff you enjoy reading. And when you take time to tell me you enjoy it, wow it feels like my favorite song just came on the radio. I say on my about page that I’d still be writing even if nobody listened, but let’s face it: it’s so much better when people listen.

It’s hard to adequately express my gratitude in a post each of you will read and wonder, “Is she taking about me? Or just bloggers she knows?” I don’t want to sound sappy either, if I say: wow I love all you guys so much. I’m so grateful you take time to read and comment. I couldn’t do this without you, thank you thank you.

But sometimes clichés are true.

I realize that blogging is both personal and universal. I write for my friends (namely: you), but I also write with the knowledge that someone across the planet could read my post without me ever knowing it. Maybe that’s why I feel that typing out gratitude over the internet falls short of expressing everything I want to say.

Thank you, falls horribly short, but it’s the only words I can think of.
So. Thank you: You, for reading my posts. You are inspiring. I appreciate you more than I can say.

Thank you, also to:

Abbie || Kate || Erin || Hannah || Ella Marie || Abby || Lisa ||
Kenzie || Grace Ann || Olivia || Leanne

I want to meet you all in real life.



The Survey

I decided to do a survey because, at this point, you all are probably familiar with the style/vibe of Close to Nothing, and I wanted to hear what you like and don’t like (or want to see more of). I know it’s scary to put your opinions on the interest, but I’m a friendly person, okay? So. If you’ll take 20 seconds to fill this out and let me know what I’m doing wrong / right – I’d really appreciate it!

. . .

Blogging is a joy, and I’m so glad to have reached this milestone (one year, yay!!). Here’s to many more years, because I’m not even close to being tired of this. I hope you aren’t either.



|| Let’s Have a Conversation ||

How do you celebrate your blog anniversary? • (give this newbie some ideas for next year) •What do you think about a follow-up Q+A post? Should I do one, still, or no?? • tell me your favorite thing about blogging. I bet we’re on the same page : )

10 thoughts on “1 Year Blog Anniversary + Survey

  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I am one of the people on your list. Congratulations on one year! We are sort of blog twins, since we both started a year ago in October. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you and your blog have in store. ❤


    • Many congrats to you too!!! (I remember when you started your blog, and I immediately followed it : ) Many thanks for all the support + kind words, Ella. : )


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  2. Wow! This is such a sweet post! And I totally get you on life being crazy, so don’t feel bad! Happy blog birthday to you. I can’t wait to read many many more posts from you. You’re honestly one of my favorite bloggers, Keira.
    Also thanks for the little shout out! It’d be great to meet in real life someday! Blogger friends are the best.


  3. Happy one year, Keira!!! I can’t believe that it’s only been a year- I feel like you’ve been a part of the blogger circle forever now. I could not adore you or this blog more. You inspire me more than you know, and your kindness and encouragement are the most beautiful light. I cannot wait to meet you one day. ❤


    • Grace Ann…you are the kindest and I mean it. YOU MAKE ME SMILE A LOT. ❤

      Same, though. I feel like I’ve been doing this so much longer than a year. Probably because I was silently following blogs before I even had social media *hides in a corner*

      hope your week is lovely, dear. ❤


  4. Congrats! One year of blogging is a big deal, pushing through blogger’s block, busy times in life, and all the stuff and things that can get in the way. Good job!!


    • Thank you so much, Kendra!! And I agree – it’s really hard to keep up with blogging sometime, but I’m so grateful you all have stuck with me this far. : )


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  5. CONGRATULATIONS ON ONE YEAR 🎉🎊🎂🎈 Your blog is so lovely it makes my day every time you post. And you mentioned me, you sweet thing 💛💛💛

    For my blog birthday I did a contest and that was really fun!! I think I might make it my official blogaversary event 😊

    I hope your year two is even better than year one!!

    xx lisa

    ps in case you didn’t see, though you probably did, I did the sunshine blogger tag that you asked me to tell you about when I did 😉


    • Awwww, you’re awesome Lisa. I appreciate all the kind words, truly.

      That’s sounds so neat!! I kinda wish I would have done more for my blogaversary, but it sneaked up on me and I didn’t have a lot of time to plan, haha.

      hope your day is lovely,
      p.s. ooohh, thanks for telling me! I’ll go check it out. : )


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