It was: 2018

2018 is almost in the books. Wow.

It would be redundant to say, how this year flew by! or I can’t believe it’s already over. I mean, now that it is over I feel that way, but I can remember when December felt very, very far away.

2018 was by far my hardest + most stressful year. It pushed and forced me into situations that were difficult. . .like dark-tunnel difficult. That’s not to say, this year didn’t have good times. It did. There were many. But if I had to weigh bad against good – bad would win out.

I realize I might be taking on more than I can chew here – condensing an entire year into a blog post. But people do it all the time, right? I’m sure it’s fine.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


Things I did + Things that happened

Blogging: I remember Jan + Feb as my favorite blogging months. In January, I started my first blog series – which did pretty well. I was just re-reading the comments the other day, and it was amazing how they blessed + touched me all over again. In February, I got a surprise message from Kate, asking me if I wanted to be a part of her Aspire Series. We had a conversation over Skype (imagine that!) and it was so much fun. The entire experience just mblessed me so much. It’s definitely one of my favorite 2018 memories. Also, I collaborated with Ella – which I don’t mind saying is my favorite collab to date.

– Thankfulness Thursday just might become my favorite blogging traditions.
I’m really glad I did it.

– I hit #oneyear of blogging. It was super special.


My favorite blog posts to write this year were:


Artist Spotlight: KA Emmons
Thankfulness Thursday no. 2
The truth is not running away from you
Is Photography Art?

Life: I started a bullet journal and managed to keep up with it. I’m really glad I did because it is providing a lot of material for this post (‘cause uh, who remembers what movies they watched in April???)

– In April, I wrote a little over 7k for my WIP (sadly: I have not touched the book since, which is depressing I know)

– I re-read A Thousand Splendid Suns and fell in love with it all over again.

– I took a lot of time off the internet + social media, and it was really, really good. But. my blog readers might have suffered a little because of my absence (something I wish to remedy in 2019)

– I cannot tell you how amazing it is to see wildlife up close. To be driving and see a bald eagle in the tree above me. Deer in the field, and moose cruising through town in the middle of the day. I have literally seen a herd of turkeys trying to cross the hwy. It’s amazing.

– SNOW. #perksofnorthernliving

Photography: This was a memorable photography year. I traveled a bit in May/June/July, so I was able to put more interesting things in front of my lens. I say “more interesting”, because I once read somewhere that: if you want better photos, put more interesting things in front of your lens. I really like how my Instagram feed turned out this year, too.


Movies that made the cut

Defiance // A Beautiful Mind // The Interpreter // Denial // Hidden Figures // The Light Between Oceans // Into the Wild // You’ve Got Mail // The Postman // Molly’s Game // Dances with Wolves // Into the West // Bridge of Spies // And Then There Were None // Eagle Eye // Poldark seasons 1-3 (not a movie, but still. . .)

I feel like this list says I only watch historical + true story films + book adaptations. Which is not true. Mostly. Mostly, it’s just that those films are the ones that hit me and the ones I remember. Although I will say: You’ve Got Mail is quite possibly the best film that isn’t a historical + true story + book adaptation


Music I listened to most often

There would be too many songs to list here, so I made a playlist of my favorite songs + soundtracks from 2018.


Books that made the cut

✕  Everybody Always | Bob Goff
✕  Story Genius + Wired for Story | Lisa Cron
✕  The Nightingale | Kristen Hannah
✕  Snow Falling on Cedars | David Guterson
✕  And the Mountains Echoed | Khaled Hosseini
✕  Braving the Wilderness | Brene Brown
✕  Man’s Search for Meaning | Victor Frankl

I didn’t read as much this year, as I hoped too. Still, each of these books are A++ and I highly recommend them.


Photographs that made the cut

– by no means a complete list



Things that impacted me this year

– by no means a complete list

99 things I learned from senior year
A Brief Guide to the Undernet
“What is a Disciple?”
There is nothing “basic” about you.
Be present in this moment
This & This | social media reality check
And we are all screaming SOS
I find it hard not to be angry
Girls react to being called beautiful
Rebekah Lyons on the Importance of Authenticity
Embracing the Right Opportunities
3 steps to avoid repeating history


✕  Running is amazing for your soul.
✕  Explore more.
✕  Truth is not running away from you.
✕  You don’t need as much (stuff) as you think you need.
✕  Smaller closets are better.
✕  You think that X is the worst thing that can happen to you. Then you experience X, and you realize that although X is bad, it’s not the worst after all.
✕  You are strong. (see above)

. . .

There is only a week left in 2018, so I’m off to finish up last minute projects, go to work, and play in the fresh snow #yay.


hope your week
is lovely.
postscript #1 – all photos
(except the header)
are mine


|| Let’s Have a Conversation ||

How was YOUR 2018? What was your favorite memory this year? tell me something exiting you did/something exciting that happened. • What things are you looking forward to in 2019?

4 thoughts on “It was: 2018

  1. I love this format of wrap-up post!! I loved reading your blog and seeing your photos this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing where 2019 is going to take you! Merry Christmas, Keira!


  2. GAH I love the way you see the world! Your photos are always so beautiful and I love the way you formatted this post with all of your favorites and different things you learned. Running is THE BEST, can totally relate there. 🙂 Also, 2018 was a year of transition/some hard times for me as well so I totally get that. SO ready for 2019! One good thing that happened this year though was finding a new church that I simply adore.

    I hope you have a glorious Christmas Eve! Stay warm!! 🙂


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